aXcelerate SMS integration

Integrate SMS automation within your aXcelerate workflows to ensure you create the best experience in your training organisation

aXcelerate SMS Integration by SMSGlobal.

Leverage SMS integration in your student management system to connect your institution and community. Send text messages from Contacts, Workshops, Classes or via Workflow in aXcelerate with the convenience of Email-to-SMS.

When you add SMS automation to aXcelerate, you can delight students with streamlined and instant communication. Save time doing manual admin and automate messages for student-based SMS updates, classroom updates, organisation-wide notifications, emergency alerts, and more.

Steps on how to integrate SMSGlobal with aXcelerate

aXcelerate SMS Integration Assistance

  • Email-to-SMS: Our secure and reliable integration method ensures staff and students are always up-to-date with Email-to-SMS messages sent directly from the aXcelerate platform.

  • Workflow automation: Make complex admin tasks and communication processes simple with SMS automation within workflows.

  • Cost-effective communication: Amplify your communication processes today with a free SMSGlobal account; there’s no setup fees and no contracts. Just pay for the messages you send at low prices.

aXcelerate integration screenshots

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