AroFlo SMS integration

Send automated SMS alerts to workers in the field for optimal task management and operational efficiency.

AroFlo SMS Integration by SMSGlobal.

Take advantage of text message automation and keep your technicians up-to-date and on top of tasks at all times. SMSGlobal's easy-to-use Aroflo integration makes job management seamless, saving precious time for both you and your technicians.

Setup AroFlo SMS integration and send SMS to technicians and customers for a variety of communication needs. Trigger automated SMS alerts for important job notes, job locations, client details, job assignment notifications, and more!

AroFlo SMS Integration Assistance

  • Alphanumeric Sender IDs: Set your business name as your Sender ID, so clients instantly recognise and open your important messages.

  • Real-time updates: Set up automated messages when an event occurs and inform technicians and clients of any job updates.

  • Competitive pricing: With cost-effective SMS pricing, our AroFlo SMS plugin helps your business reduce admin costs, save time, and increase engagement with communications.

AroFlo integration screenshots

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