Joomla! SMS integration

Keep on top of your website’s user activity and extend Joomla’s capabilities with the power of SMS integration

Joomla! SMS Integration by SMSGlobal.

Elevate any digital project created on Joomla! and tailor your communications with our free SMS integration. SMSGlobal is fully compatible with Joomla and can add SMS functionality to forms on eCommerce sites, community portals, booking systems, and more!

Stay on top of new business opportunities with SMS notifications sent instantly to admins whenever a form is submitted. Plus, delight users that have submitted a form with custom texts such as welcome messages and important information about your business.

Joomla! SMS Integration Assistance

  • Split SMS: Long-form text messages are divided into smaller SMS-sized snippets when sent and then pieced back together when it reaches the recipient.

  • Form submission notifications: Customise and send timely SMS notifications for all website form submissions to both end-users and admins.

  • Easy configuration: Setup your SMS Joomla! integration in minutes in just a few steps.

  • Low-cost communication: When you integrate with SMSGlobal, you only pay for the SMS messages you send (at low, wholesale prices).

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