Xero SMS integration

Get paid even faster by integrating SMS into your cloud accounting

Xero SMS Integration by SMSGlobal.

Set up SMS communication between clients and your team using the SMSGlobal zap into Xero cloud accounting. Without any code or extensive setup, you can use automated SMS to send out invoices, inform your team of payments, and use triggers for custom notifications.

Keep up to date wherever you are with the SMSGlobal zap for Xero. Harness a limitless combination of triggers and actions that suit your workflow and business.

Xero SMS Integration Assistance

  • Real-time bank notifications: trigger an SMS every time there’s a reconciliation through the Xero bank webhooks.

  • Send out invoices and reminders: Get paid even faster by sending SMS invoices and reminders to your customers and clients.

  • Track expenses and bills: Track expenses and accounts in real-time via SMS. Onboarding and customer service: Send welcome messages, order confirmations, and other financial confirmations with SMS

  • Free integration: SMSGlobal integration is free - you only pay a competitive rate for every SMS you send

Xero & SMSGlobal Zapier templates

Xero integration screenshots

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