Zendesk SMS integration

Help more customers faster by integrating SMS into your customer service offering

Zendesk SMS Integration by SMSGlobal.

Make Zendesk’s customer support tools even more powerful by integrating SMS messaging into your workflows.

Reduce manual handling while improving customer relationships by opening up a new support channel with automated and transactional SMS features.

Zendesk SMS Integration Assistance

  • Handle Tickets Through SMS: Open, respond to, and close tickets all through customer-facing SMS through the ZenDesk zap.

  • Trigger Zendesk Actions: Send out SMS based on custom triggers to customers and your team.

  • Manage Customer Data: Trigger new groups, organisations, and tags using SMS.

  • Easy Installation: It’s simple, and free to install. Only pay for the SMS you send out.

Zendesk & SMSGlobal Zapier templates

Zendesk integration screenshots

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