Zoho CRM SMS integration

Zoho CRM SMS Integration by SMSGlobal.

Send SMS within the Zoho CRM platform with SMSGlobal's free and easy-to-use SMS integration. This SMS integration for Zoho enables Zoho admins to setup automated SMS notifications to customers for important order status updates and more. Configure SMS automation with Zoho to send instant SMS updates to customers and administrators.

Enjoy communication flexibility with SMS for Zoho CRM, with the option to automate and send individual SMS and bulk SMS messages. Our SMS Zoho integration is completely free; you only have to pay for the messages you send. Send SMS with Zoho today and sign up for a free SMSGlobal account!

Zoho CRM SMS Integration Assistance

  • Automate bulk SMS in your Zoho CRM to Contacts and Leads using pre-configured text messages

  • View SMS log history and send custom SMS with Zoho

  • Send individual and bulk SMS messages to your Contacts, Leads, and Accounts

  • Send SMS with Zoho when a new lead, contact, or account is created

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