ActiveCampaign SMS integration

Supercharge the customer experience with SMS integration

ActiveCampaign SMS Integration by SMSGlobal.

Take marketing automation to the next level by integrating SMSGlobal into your ActiveCampaign CMS.

Target customers with an SMS channel running alongside your current and future marketing campaigns. Your company can gain real-time insights and business intelligence using a host of intelligent triggers and actions with Zapier.

ActiveCampaign SMS Integration Assistance

  • Customer-centric SMS campaigns: trigger or schedule SMS delivery when you activate a new marketing campaign.

  • Customised and personalised: Use SMSGlobal to personalise welcome messages, order confirmations, clicks from your website, and more.

  • Workflow management: Assign tasks and triggers to your team with SMS, such as new bounces, campaign commencement, incoming deals and other process-based tasks.

  • Customer relationship management: set up SMSGlobal as a transactional platform. Add contacts, update information, and update deals.

  • Free to integrate: No code required and easy to set up. All you pay for is the SMS you send at wholesale prices.

ActiveCampaign & SMSGlobal Zapier templates

ActiveCampaign integration screenshots

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