MailChimp SMS integration

Compliment your email marketing campaigns with robust SMS

MailChimp SMS Integration by SMSGlobal.

Harness the power of transactional SMS by adding new subscribers and updating information using SMS. Send SMS to individual contacts, your team, and lists using granular, detailed triggers and actions.

MailChimp SMS Integration Assistance

  • Connect With Audiences: Have new potential customers sign up for email marketing using SMS. Use SMS as a quick and easy opt-in channel.

  • Back-Up Your Email Marketing: Welcome new subscribers with SMS, set up draft campaigns, and find customers all with SMS.

  • Remarket Unsubscribes: Sad to see someone go? Reel them back in with a customised SMS offer.

  • Only Pay For What You Use: SMSGlobal is free to install. Pay for what you send at competitive wholesale SMS prices.

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