Autopilot SMS integration

Set SMS as another branch of your customer journey using the SMSGlobal integration

Autopilot SMS Integration by SMSGlobal.

Harness the power of SMS to nurture your leads and customers through their sales journey. Onboard new customers, customise SMS messages and even gain insights from unsubscribes using SMS.

Integration into your existing AutoPilot dashboard is simple and free.

Autopilot SMS Integration Assistance

  • Welcome new customers: secure customer satisfaction with a welcome SMS when they join your list. Harness the power of a 98%+ open rate.

  • Re-acquire dropped customers: Re-engage customers when they unsubscribe with tailored SMS messages.

  • Use as a transactional portal: Give your customers a new way to communicate with your brand using SMS

  • Triggers for your team: trigger SMS to be sent to your team based on actions in AutoPilot or by incoming SMS from customers

  • Wholesale pricing: SMSGlobal is free to integrate and a cost-effective SMS communication solution; you only pay for what you use

Autopilot & SMSGlobal Zapier templates

Autopilot integration screenshots

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