Infusionsoft SMS integration

Increase customer engagement and grow revenue substantially with SMS integration in your CRM strategy.

Infusionsoft SMS Integration by SMSGlobal.

Engage more of your customer database and send tailored text messages that amplify repeat purchases and loyalty. Integrate SMS with your Infusionsoft CRM and build a multi-channel communication strategy that connects you directly to customers.

Reach your business goals and drive sales by targeting customers effectively with personalised marketing messages and custom bulk SMS campaigns. Leverage the power of SMS to nurture leads along the sales journey and enhance the Customer Experience across multiple touchpoints.

Infusionsoft SMS Integration Assistance

  • Notifications and reminders: Reach contacts directly on their mobile with timely SMS notifications, including payment reminders, confirmations, invoices, and more.

  • Bulk SMS: Send SMS campaigns en masse and engage your customer base on their preferred communication channel.

  • Custom Word Sender ID: Set your brand name as your Sender ID, so recipients instantly recognise and trust your messages (available in Australia).

  • Wholesale SMS pricing: SMSGlobal’s Infusionsoft integration is free to set up; just pay for the messages you send with competitive SMS rates!

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