BigCommerce SMS integration

BigCommerce SMS Integration by SMSGlobal.

A seamless and efficient experience giving your business more power to sell more at all stages of the customer lifecycle

SMSGlobal integrates with BigCommerce to allow online retailers to respond to business and customer concerns using automated SMS. The integration manages two-way communication between merchant and customer as orders are created, shipped, and delivered.

Integration with BigCommerce empowers users to access a suite of SMS tools using their current platform. This gives your team these tools at their fingertips, enhancing work efficiency and customer satisfaction.

BigCommerce SMS Integration Assistance

  • Free To Use: There is no cost to integrating the platform into BigCommerce. You only pay for the SMS you send.

  • Fully integrated: No additional software required. Create an SMSGlobal account and start sending within BigCommerce dashboards.

  • Automation: set up automation triggers according to your processes or speed up existing workflows.

  • Confirmations, updates, and history: Send customers status updates such as order confirmations, welcome messages, and delivery updates. Log all your communication for tracking and analytics.

BigCommerce & SMSGlobal Zapier templates

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