Shopify SMS integration

Send information between Shopify and SMSGlobal in minutes and unleash unparalleled customer interactions

Shopify SMS Integration by SMSGlobal.

Connect Shopify and SMSGlobal using Zapier for a suite of automated and triggered workflows that enhance customer interaction and satisfaction.

Give customers an immersive experience with your offering using customised and tailored SMS messages. Save time and increase communication with tailored Zaps.

Shopify SMS Integration Assistance

  • Onboarding and status updates: Welcome new customers and deliver status updates on orders with SMS. Set up automated workflows that keep customers informed at each stage of their purchase.

  • Free to try: SMSGlobal is free to integrate into the Shopify Zap. You only pay for the SMS you send, priced at competitive rates.

  • Limitless customisation: Customise your SMS to customers as well as triggers for incoming SMS, making customer service easy to access and less reliant on manual handling.

  • Social media and marketing: Send out notifications on updated products, sales, and other opt-in SMS marketing using the Zap.

Shopify & SMSGlobal Zapier templates

Shopify integration screenshots

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