Daymap4Schools SMS integration

Make life easier for staff, students, and parents with SMS functionality that supports complex admin needs

Daymap4Schools SMS Integration by SMSGlobal.

Set up Daymap SMS integration to empower your school community with real-time notifications for student absences. Transform and streamline your school’s attendance processes with instant SMS alerts that keep everyone informed.

When you integrate SMS with Daymap4Schools, you will minimise teacher and administrator workloads. Bridge the gap between staff, parents, and students with a communication solution that integrates seamlessly within your LMS and the day-to-day running of your institution.

Daymap4Schools SMS Integration Assistance

  • Virtual Number capabilities: Set up a Dedicated Virtual Number and let parents send an SMS to administrators when their kids are away.

  • Real-time updates: Send and receive instant SMS notifications whenever a student is absent.

  • Low-cost: With no setup fees and competitive pricing, your institution only pays for each SMS message you send through SMSGlobal.

  • Seamless communication: Ensure staff, parents, and students are always up-to-date by sending through our reliable and secure HTTP API protocol.

Daymap4Schools integration screenshots

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