SIMON Web Based Solutions For Schools SMS integration

SIMON Web Based Solutions For Schools SMS Integration by SMSGlobal.

Keep students, parents, and teachers engaged with SMS alerts and automation

SIMON provides free and easy access to educational resources and learning information to administrators, parents, and teachers. SIMON manages the learning environment by facilitating student and teacher communication, learning resources, and administrative tasks.

SMSGlobal’s integration allows institutions to connect these vital aspects of the learning experience with a personalised and automated SMS solution.

SIMON Web Based Solutions For Schools SMS Integration Assistance

  • Low-Cost: SMSGlobal costs nothing to set up and use. Your institution only pays for the SMS it sends, at highly competitive rates.

  • Real-Time Updates: Send reminders to parents, information about student progress, and other school-related activities that can be scheduled or triggered by LMS event status

  • Seamless Communication: Facilitate seamless and robust communication across all facets of learning from students, teachers, parents, and administrative staff.

SIMON Web Based Solutions For Schools integration screenshots

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