Intercom SMS integration

Target your customers better by communicating with them using SMS

Intercom SMS Integration by SMSGlobal.

Unify your customer support and marketing automation with SMSGlobal’s free to use zap. Extend Intercom’s powerful business messenger and customer engagement tools by incorporating SMS into your offering.

Allow customers to make transactions such as scheduling and booking as well as get customer service via SMS using your Intercom dashboard.

Intercom SMS Integration Assistance

  • Support over SMS: Give your customers support using transactional SMS. Link your bots and other help desk services to facilitate a rapid response.

  • Enable Conversations: SMSGlobal transforms Intercom into a transactional platform with SMS messages.

  • Scheduling and Management: Schedule meetings, manage customer service, and read incoming messages using Intercom.

  • Personalised Messages: Personalise outgoing messages to customers based on their status, profile, and subscription status

  • Free To Use: Only pay for the SMS you use. SMSGlobal is free to install and connect to Intercom.

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