Slack SMS integration

Make SMS an extension of your Slack conversation using SMSGlobal

Slack SMS Integration by SMSGlobal.

Facilitating Slack conversations and workflows is made even easier and more powerful by adding SMS. Push messages to your team no matter where they are, or connect with your customers using a new channel.

Use the SMSGlobal zap to collate incoming SMS for customer service, task management, and lead nurturing. It’s easy to install—no code required.

Slack SMS Integration Assistance

  • Slack to SMS: Trigger Slack to send SMS to team members, customers, or other groups as you see fit.

  • Daisy Chain Triggers With Other Apps: Chain together other apps with custom triggers, such as sending SMS and adding leads to CRM by “Pushing to Zapier.”

  • Never Miss A Message: Out and about? Set up Slack to forward individual team members SMS when they’re mentioned.

  • Free To Use: SMSGlobal is a free Zap. All your company pays for is the SMS sent, at competitive wholesale prices.

Slack & SMSGlobal Zapier templates

Slack integration screenshots

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